2001 Ford F-250

2001 Ford F-250

We turned our Super Van into the ultimate tow vehicle... then wanted more power, more space, and four-wheel-drive. We're turning this truck into the ultimate racing hauler. 

Latest updates

Dec 27, 2020
Project F-250: Figuring Out How To Tow With a Slide-in Camper

Before we could tow with our Ford F-250, we needed to secure our slide-in camper as well as work out a solution that will allow us to safely tow a ...

Sep 15, 2020
Project F-250: Buying and Restoring a Slide-In Camper for Our Ford F-250 Tow Vehicle

Before we could enjoy our slide-in camper, we had to restore it.

Aug 11, 2020
Project F-250: Hawk Brakes for Our Tow Vehicle

Learning from our mistakes from our previous Super Van, we knew it was time to upgrade the brakes on our Ford F-250 tow vehicle.

May 19, 2020
Project F-250: Installing a Winch

Now that our Ford F-250 is up to par, we can start improving it: We’re adding an electric winch.

Apr 3, 2020
Project F-250: How to Choose the Right Battery for Our Truck

Put simply, our F-250 needed more power. No, not more horsepower--its V10 makes plenty of horsepower--but more electricity. A new battery is all it took to fix it.

Mar 23, 2020
Project F-250: Time for Tires for Our Truck

We sold the mud tires that came with our 2001 Ford F-250, and put the stock wheels and tires back on the truck. The only problem? They were old--dry rotting ...

Feb 26, 2020
Project F-250: Cleaning Up the Interior

In our last update, we spent a week and $1000 fixing all of the little issues that kept our F-250 from being a usable truck. There was one (big) issue ...

Feb 12, 2020
Project F-250: Making it Drivable

Before we could start towing with the F-250–never mind improving it enough to earn its future name as the Super Truck–we needed to start fixing its problems.

Oct 6, 2019
Project F-250: We Bought a Truck

We're breaking from a lifetime of vans and switching to a pickup truck.

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