Going to a new bar

We installed Hotchkis’ 29mm hollow front anti-rollbar. It’s even stiffer than the solid 26mm bar and lighter than the factory 24mm piece.

There seems to be some interference with the bar and the suspension arms at rest, but not during cornering. We think this might be because the bar was designed for a car with a lowered suspension. A quick fix would be to use slightly longer end links.

Then we figured out somewhere along the way, the stock bar got inverted. This was ok for smaller bars, but created interference when we installed the Hotchkis bar. Flipping it around correctly solved the “problem.”

Now that we’ve got the front anti-rollbar sorted out and it appears to be working very well, we’re headed off to Toledo for the National Tour at the Toledo Express Airport. Our co-driver is none other than the “Alien”, Mark Daddio. Mark is referred to as the “Alien” because he can shuffle a car through an autocross faster than just about any human being on earth. He’s a nice guy too.

Mark should give us a pretty quick appraisal of how fast the car really is and we can start working on shock valving for the upcoming Konis.

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