Maybe progress isn’t so bad after all

Mar 7, 2008 update to the Subaru WRX project car

In just a short period of time—a week, to be exact—we have put more than 750 miles on our WRX. Since the car is still in the break-in period we have kept the revs below 4000 rpm.

Some initial impressions:

  • Despite the refinement and cries of selling out from some of the die-hards, it still feels, acts and tastes like a Subaru.
  • The new shifter position and feel are better than before—just wonderful.
  • Framed windows are nice.
  • Not quite as aggressive as last year’s model.
  • Sorry to see the aluminum calipers go, but brakes feel good.
  • Speaking of brakes, they initially shuddered like a you-know-what. Properly bedding them in seems to have cured everything.
  • Excellent visibility for important things in life, like making left-hand turns into traffic.
  • Seats are comfortable on long hauls.
  • Thanks, Subaru, for keeping the tach centered.
  • Steering wheel audio controls are nice.
  • Even though max horsepower didn’t really change, the extra power down low is nice and very much noticed. The car doesn’t fall on its face at low engines speeds like past models did.

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