The First Autocross

The 818 was finally finished, so we signed up for an autocross in Brooksville, FL.
The event was almost 3 hours away from our headquarters, so we towed the car over the night before and camped.
The 818 drew a ton of attention in the paddock, as well as at every gas station we stopped at on the way.
The verdict? Twitchy, but clearly with the potential to be fast. We need slicks and suspension tuning.
At the end of the day, we decided not to put the car back on the trailer. We hopped in and drove it home.
A few minutes into the three hour drive, it was obvious we were headed towards rain. A little bit of Rain-X kept the wiperless 818 drivable.

Our Factory Five 818 was finally finished, so we signed up for a Central Florida Region autocross in Brooksville, Florida. The plan? Find out what our 818 is really like to drive–this was our first outing with proper tires.

So, how was it? In a nutshell, twitchy. We haven’t spent any time at all tuning the suspension or determining proper tire pressures, and a car like this would usually autocross on race slicks, anyway. We’re already planning suspension changes in preparation for the next event, as well as more laps on the test track–we need to spend some quality time learning how to drive a car like this.

Here’s what our fastest run of the day looked like:

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