New Brakes for our 818

We decided our next order of business would be to replace our pads with something stickier.
Oh, the joys of working on a newly built car.
We hadn't used much of the old pads—left—, but needed to replace them nevertheless.
After torquing down the wheels, we set off to bed in the brakes.

After our Project 818 had seen its first autocross and we had driven it around town for a week, we decided the biggest improvement we could make would be on the brakes.

The 818 reuses the calipers and rotors from its WRX donor. When we built the car, we had just installed some pads from a local parts store. While not much of a problem on the street—you know, because we are responsible drivers and all—, we were definitely craving something a little more responsive during the autocross.

We had received some Wilwood pads in the past, but hadn’t put them on since the car had never needed anything more. We dug them out and got ready for a quick brake job. Everything came off and went back together very easily. Oh, the joys of working on a newly built car. Nothing was seized or needed to be mended on the way out. It was simply a pad swap.

We took the 818 out to bed in the brakes. Afterwards, we could tell they were a definite improvement. So what’s next? How about making the exterior more interesting than plain white? We’ll get back to you on that.

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