The Work Begins!

Our 818 looked assembled when it came off the truck, but closer inspection revealed it was just taped together.
A pile of boxed parts accompanied our car.
No, the tape isn't for better aerodynamics. Instead, it's how Factory Five keeps every panel safe during shipping.
We labeled every part the donor car provided.

Taking delivery of a new car is usually a rather straightforward process. A test drive is taken, a deal is negotiated, and a firm handshake is exchanged. The whole process could happen in less than an hour.

Our Factory Five 818 isn’t so simple. Before we can drive it, we’ll need to assemble it. We’re doing that at Very Cool Parts in Enterprise, Alabama.

The first part of the process is dissassembly, both of the donor car (we’re using a 2004 Subaru WRX) and of the 818. Why are we disassembling a car we’re trying to put together? Because Factory Five nests many of the 818 parts in the car itself to save money on shipping.

Helping Wayne Presley at Very Cool Parts is Tim Suddard, Jere Dotten, Tom Suddard, and Chris Tropea. Though they’re not experts in Subaru-powered component cars, they do know their way around a shop. Hopefully they won’t slow Wayne down too much.

Meet our build team:

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cmcintyre None
7/25/13 3:24 p.m.

All of us soon to be 818 builders are watching as you work through this project! As a first time builder, (though you guys built your SpecE30 the same time I was building mine), each problem you overcome will be an education. Great group, great mag.

jstein77 SuperDork
7/26/13 6:57 a.m.

3 days to assemble it? Wow! I'm watching this excitedly.

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