Mar 17, 2014 update to the Volkswagen Beetle TDi project car

Pack Mule—er, Beetle

Booth boxes are square, but the Beetle most definitely isn't. Packing was like playing Tetris in a sphere.
Luckily, clothing bags have a much more organic shape. We squished these under the big back hatch.
After the trip, it was time for a bath. We're not proud of this, but we stopped at a gas station for a carwash.

Part of what makes us different is our physical presence: Unlike most magazines, we go to events all over the country in order to connect with new and old readers.

This requires carrying around a magazine booth, which takes up quite a lot of space. Usually we use a Ford van, but this past weekend, during the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance, it was already full of other stuff for the event. The solution? Stick a booth in the Beetle, and drive it up to the island.

Surprisingly, this actually worked. We managed to fit an entire booth, as well as our own luggage, in the tiny hatchback. To traditionalists, the engine might be in the wrong end. But at least it makes the Beetle a very, very practical car.

The icing on top of this (surprisingly roomy) cake? We managed 44 miles to the gallon on the drive up to Amelia. Can a Ford van do that?

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3/19/14 1:17 p.m.

You guys need a Honda Element. Oh wait, Honda killed one of the most versatile SUV's out there. TSK TSK.

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