Apr 2, 2015 update to the BMW M235i project car

BMW Headed to Track Night in America

Track days are awesome. What enthusiast could say no to a day of fun on a real race track in their own car?

Busy enthusiasts, that’s who. And, regrettably, we often fall amongst that crowd. No matter how much you love cars or how small your family is, it’s still tough to find the time to spend a weekend at the race track. Then there’s the money factor: Drive on track every weekend, and you’ll lose your home faster than you can say “apex.”

That’s why we’re so excited about the SCCA’s new Track Night in America program. The goal? Give enthusiasts lots of opportunities to get on track, and make affordable in both time and money. The events are held all over the country, and happen on weeknights. $150 gets you on track for a full hour, with the bare minimum of hoops to jump through in the process. This means that for the price of a nice dinner out, you can head to your local race track right after work and drive in circles with your friends. Oh, and spectating is completely free, so bring as many people as you’d like.

We’ll be attending one of the first events at Palm Beach International Raceway in our M235i. Are you going to join us?

If not, check back here to see how it goes.

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