1993 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

Started on April 24 by Gordo

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This car is on a lot of people's best ten all time favorites. Car and Driver Magazine had it one theirs for ten years running. Its a smooth, powerful, and fast driver that is very dependable. The bottom end on these engines can run up to 600 hp on stock internals.

The car is a "Stage III", running 16 pounds of boost on stock turbos and intercoolers putting out aprroximately 360 rwhp. The key to using turbos effectively is getting air through the motor as fast a possible. We began with ditching the OEM airbox for a K&N; then adding a set of split downpipes, test pipes and a Borla freeflow exhaust. To compliment the addtional airflow, more fuel was programmed into the mix via a computer chip upgrade to increase injector duty cycle.

With only 50,000 on the clock the basic car is in very nice shape. Just ot be sure, we rebuilt the driveline from the flywheel back, and added a new 98 Spec 5spd trans. Wheels are AVS-5s. 17x8 in the front w/ 245/40 General UHPs; and 17x9 w/ 275/40's in the rear, putting all the fun to the pavement in style. Whoa power includes the standard rotor, pad, and stainless brakeline upgrades.

Although the car is too heavy to race competitively, it is a fun ride nonetheless. I can't tell you how many times somebody comes up to me and laments about their old Z car, and how they wish they'd kept theirs today.

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