Jun 9, 2009 update on GregTivo's 1978 Plymouth Volare

11 days of driving, 4600 miles later, the Volare’s journey is over and to celebrate that achievement, she decided to take a rest by killing her distributor. It was a rough journey for a 31 year old car, highlighted by high speed (she’ll still do 100mph), tortuous curves (she survived 3 runs on the Tail of the Dragon), and brutal bursts of acceleration (9 drag runs in Louisiana, the best being an 18.36 second 1/4 mile @ 72.2 mph). She was put through every test possible and passed with flying colors. Now, she gets some well deserved rest in the storage unit next to the miata until I decide what her future may hold. It was a great run..and someday the story will continue.


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