Starter Replacement

May 21, 2009 update on Nitroracer's 2003 Ford Focus SVT

I used my day off today to replace the starter on my focus, its wasn’t as bad as the transmission mount inserts I did the other night but it was still a pain in the arse. I looked around for instructions online and most said to remove the intake, who the hell mounts a starter in such a crappy spot? At least its not getting heat soaked. I fought with the intake, starter, and numerous wiring harness’ for a couple hours before I put it all back together and found coolant spilled on the ground, it wasn’t there when I started either. I moved a coolant temp sensor when I reconnected its wires and broke a o-ring seal loose. Luckily I had an o-ring under the tool bench that worked perfectly.

Now the car starts the first time, every time. Instead of grinding and then maybe starting on the second try.


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Starter Replacement

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