1997 Saturn sc1

Started on May 5 by wrenchedexcess

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Now is just as good a time as any to update the progress on my $2000X challenge car. The conspirators are a 1992 Buick Regal GS purchased for the princely sum of $10.00 The body had seen better days, the interior was toast. At least the engine ran. It did have a bad fuel pump. Next is a 1997 Saturn SC1, automatic with a blown head gasket and possible rod knock. All for $500.00 I bought this 2 weeks after returning from the $2007 Challenge. The final conspirator is a 1986 Pontiac Fiero for $350.00 purchased in December of 2008. The engine from the Buick, the 5 speed manual trans from the Fiero are going in the Saturn. As soon as I can get them up I will have pictures to show.

Latest updates

Sept. 13

Not done yet?

Well another challenge is coming up and the $2007 car is still not done. Some or I should say most of it is my fault. Working a second job at the Autobahn country club flagging on the weekends has seriously ...

July 27


Most everything is back in. Hooked up the next section of the wire harness. Now have to tie the two together.

July 09

Progress so far....

Now is the time for all the little nit picky things to go in. Such as cutting holes in the fire wall to get the shift cables and the wire harness in. Working on routing the wire harness away from ...

April 15

Project so far....

Finally got the engine in, with a little adjustments. Mainly the steering rack. Had to move the entire cradle about 4 inches forward for the steering to clear, also had to alter the way that the struts are mounted to ...

March 03

Engine is in.

Finally got the engine in the car. Now I have to alter a few items since the fiero tranny tends to stick out on the inboard side. I had to move the steering rack about 4" closer to the fire ...

Dec. 17

3.8 so far

Started putting on the wire harness, Had to clean it up first, Basically new shielding and some aluminum to protect it when it is near the exhaust manifolds and cross over. Had to adjust the motor mounts to get the ...

Dec. 03

Putting the 3.8 back together

Got the engine sitting in the carrier and the lower motor mounts installed. The only issue so far is a 5 degree tilt toward the front of the car. Had to make some adjustments to the Fiero trans. Now starting ...

Dec. 01

back to '07 challenge car.

Finally got the engine and trans mounted and on the carrier. In order to do this and blow off some steam after fighting to get the two connected sideways. I pulled the engine off the cradle and turned it on ...

Dec. 01


Round trip we logged about 5k in mileage the only issues were breaking to wheel studs and a leaky a/c. Had to do a quickie recharge.

Sept. 19

shake down eggsageration

A/c is working good. Tires and wheels are o.k. steering pulls a little to the left, need to check toe setting. No power on OBD connector and working on a strut tower brace.

Sept. 18


Changed title and plates, contacted my insurance carrier and started driving. Wanted to make sure that everything worked and get some seat time. So far so good.

Sept. 10


Cluck cluck, wait for it. New $2009 challenge car.

Aug. 13

cluck cluck

The Chicken is coming.

July 29

Getting Late!!!

August is coming up and I still am not even close to being done yet. So what does a challenge crazed person do? Go out and buy another Saturn. This one has 114k on the clock and from what I ...

July 17

$$Price so far$$

At this point I have approximately $750 invested on the budget. I was able to sell enough stuff off the Buick to completely write it off. Not hard considering I only paid $10 for it. The Fiero cost me $300 ...

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