One step forward, one step back

May 28, 2011 update on fiat22turbo's 1979 Porsche 924

I’ve made a lot of progress since the last update. Engine is in and completely wired. MegaSquirt is in and wired, base configuration loaded. Even got as far as attempting to start it.

Then, the starter failed. Made it two or three cranks and stopped working. Charged the battery, broke the positive battery clamp, turned the lights off that I left on, charged the battery again and fixed thhe positive battery clamp. Still no joy. Pulled the starter and rebuilt it. No go. Replaced the solenoid with s known good one and no.

Pulled the starter apart and completely checked every connection internally. Result? Good solenoid is now bad. Armature has a short. New starter from a newer Audi will be here shortly (thanks RockAuto for not requiring a core)

In the meantime, I started putting the carpet in, painting the interior sheet metal and polishing the e-brake handle. Should look very nice when done and still be lightweight thanks to the Home Depot racing supply house for supplying extremely thin indoor/outdoor carpet in grey for exceedingly cheap :)


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