Last conversion parts came...

Mar 12, 2009 update on 93celicaGT2's 1992 Toyota Celica

Scored a set of 89-91 Camry V6 manual tranny axles! $50 for the pair, and they’re a direct plug ‘n play for my application.

Focusing now on dialing in suspension for shakedown run at Deal’s Gap next month, then i’ll clean the car up in preparation for swapping in the new motor late this summer/fall. I’d do it now, but i’d like to wait until i get my new house, so i don’t have to worry about moving a non-running project.

It’ll be quite the little hodgepodge: Camry Axles, Solara tranny, ST185 Celica GT4 crossmember, ST205 Celica GT4 motor, MR2 Turbo clutch/flywheel.

Then the grungy gross engine in the picture can go away.

(Yes, that’s a PINK Honda civic intake.)


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Last conversion parts came...

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