May 18, 2011 update on problemaddict's Dodge Omni GLH

My GLH is now for sale. It is a nearly complete Challenge Package minus combustion. I’ve got 1 set wheels/tires w/ street rubber, 1 set w/ race rubber, and a pair of BFG drag radials. Car is complete in “as raced” condition from the $2008 Challenge.


There is a problem w/ the starting system. I replaced the starter, but it still only turns the engine over at 1/2 speed. Also getting no spark. I’m guessing corroded, broken starter wire for the slow starting and bad sensor (hall effect?) or computer for the no-spark problem.

Your best bet would be to either megasquirt or find a turbo minivan’s harness and computer and swap that in.

The car’s best run was a 14.0 on a base tune and an eyeball alignment. Easily a mid/low 13sec car w/ sorted wiring, alignment, and a good tune…

Any interest, lemme know…


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