1990 Honda CRX Si

Started on July 8 by BanzaiBeast

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Last year I thought I needed four seats in a daily driver. My Integra GSR was a good sportscar, but that car is not very competitive in its autocross class. After driving a CRX in STS2, I had to have one. Many of the go-fast parts fit both so it should be cheap....right!
It is not easy to find a solid CRX Si that has the original engine. This one went over a curb, got bent, then sat for several years. It is finally ready to race.

Koni SPS3 struts w/ GC coilovers 450f/550r Replaced the Used ST rear bar with a 3-piece Nascar style bar Kirkey Economy Drag Seat Mobil-1 Energy Suspension Bushings DC header DEKA battery next to frame rail RPF-1 Wheels Bridgestone RE-11s

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Latest updates

July 21

Sway Bar

Some of the photos do not show the difference in the new piece. The OEM bar is even smaller and flimsier than the Suspension Techniques bar shown against the new tubular nascar-style sway bar. The ST bar is 22mm and ...

July 19

Bladed Sway Bar

It is finally done! I have built my own 3-piece rear sway bar. All the cool kids have the ASR rear sway bar, but this kit attaches to the lower control arm making a full exhaust impractical for the street ...

June 24

Toning Up my rear end!

The car never felt like there was a handling issue, just never quite fast enough. Most of the guys racing Hondas start talking about the Rear Trailing Arm Bushings and there are a few differing opinions about the material to ...

June 24

Fired Up...Again

After having my butt kicked last year...regularly, it's time to get this thing in better shape. The car had not gotten any attention in months. One of the main projects the car has needed to be completed since last year ...

April 23

Side project

The CRX had been doing pretty well during 2009 in autocrosses and normal driving. There had been some noise coming from the gearbox that I hoped would go away after driving it a while. I don't really believe cars will ...

Dec. 05


The front of the car needed much attention after it came home. The shocks were adequate for every day driving but the springs were worn out sport versions that sagged so low it would scrape going in the driveway. The ...

Dec. 02

Red Plastic

A car nearly twenty years old is going to need some updates to give a decent ride, the rubber bushings deteriorate so it is time for Polyurethane Bushings. The ride improved and the cornering got a little more solid. The ...

Nov. 25

Appearance & Graphics II

Maybe it's just me, racecars need some stickers on them. All the really fast cars in GRM have decals covering every surface. They have to be worth at least five horsepower! After collecting decals from Nationals and manufacturers, I have ...

Nov. 25

Appearance & Graphics I

The CRX is a short, stubby car. To visually lengthen it, the designers placed the black bump rail at knee height along the car. Putting any graphics on the car in anything but a horizontal line would look pretty bad. ...

Nov. 23

Front Crossmember

When the car went over the curb, the biggest damage stemmed from the front crossmember hitting the concrete. Since this is basically a box where the strut rod, (the link that locates the wheel), got bent into a trapezoid, the ...

Nov. 20

The Beginning

Sorry for being out of sequence. This poor little car was borrowed by the former owner's brother who couldn't keep it on the black part of the road. This CRX went over a curb and made a mess of things. ...

Nov. 10

After Engine Bay

Lots of cleaning and stripping the flaking paint from the valve cover. Using some VHT Wrinkle Paint it looks much better. The little battery is installed lower, it did take an additional cable to reach the positive terminal. The Cold ...

Nov. 09

Engine Bay

Anticipating a tough fight to place at the Divisional in Missouri, I had to wrap up some work in the engine bay. The little DEKA battery got installed after taking out the no-functioning A.C.

Aug. 24


The tires are getting scrubbed in pretty good, the racing seat is in, and I am driving it everyday! A few more adjustments to the alignment and it should be a winner. Closing the gap on Dave Montgomery in the ...

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Jun 10, 2010 3:34 p.m.
I have a '89 Crx Si, all stock. I love it. My future "Crx" will be a EP3. It's like your me, except 14 years older.

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