1977 Porsche 924

Started on July 16 by corsepervita

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This is my first Porsche ever. I remember when I was a kid, I saw one and drove in one, and had the chance to drive one and fell in love. Wasn't fast, wasn't crazy. But something about it made me fall in love with it.

Later on in my teens I saw one that was being parted out in a junk yard that needed very little. I begged and pleaded with my dad for it to be my first car, no luck. I got a Mustang II instead.

Later on, after my divorce I got back into cars and sportbikes. I finally decided I would feed my dream of owning my first Porsche. I could have bought one already running, could have got a 911 or a 944 but I wanted something that would bring back what I wanted when i was a kid. Call it the "I'm gonna get what i want!" syndrome.

I searched out and found a lady who was the original owner of a 1977 Porsche 924. First year they came to the US. It had rust, it didn't run, it needed a LOT of work but I was bored and wanted a project. It was mine. We hauled it back from Eugene, Oregon and restoration began. Within 4 months the car was in a drivable state and back on the road.

Now the process of stripping it down, getting it running as intended and turning it into a track car begins.

The image listed is of my 924 and 944 together. The listed album is the entire resto pics from the entire process thus far.

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Latest updates

June 17

Update - Megasquirt finished

I haven't updated this in forever. Was recently redirected here by a good friend an GRM member who said, "HEY, you should get back on GRM you lazy ***." Currently rocking carbon fiber intake manifold, honda fuel system, switched over ...

June 01


Working on making my own windows. Right now I've only made the quarters. These are made from Acrylic (same thing I used to make my GT Light lenses). Approximate weight savings of 2lbs.

June 01

Megasquirt update2

Not sure why the other update didn't work. Copy pasta. I haven’t updated this one in quite a while. This was completed just after December 2011. I had a custom carbon fiber intake runner made. This completely removes the necessity ...

June 01


Doh, didn't work.

June 01

Carbon fiber tank cover

More rigid than the original plastic cover. Will guard against heat a little better too.

June 01

Carbon fiber fun

Working on a GT light conversion kit out of Acrylic and carbon fiber. Not done yet, but here's a peeker.

June 01

Update 2012

The interior has been 100% stripped. Lightweight carpet was used to cover up the various areas to make sure there is no glare for me and other drivers. I used a semigloss rustoleum and didn't plan on it being so ...

Feb. 03

Seat fitment.

Testing the seat fitment while i'm working on the floorpan.

Feb. 03

Having fun with an emblem.

Found the emblem off the parts car was in fabulous condition after some prep work and resto. :) Will be the final part to go on. And yes, that really WAS the emblem before and after.

Feb. 03

Engine rebuild

Working on rebuilding engine. 924 Blew a head gasket.

Feb. 03

Engine pull

A pic from the engine pull out of a later model 924.

Feb. 03

Rust seal

Thank god for powertools, rust sealant, primer, and paint. Getting it done! Piece by piece!

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Jul 17, 2009 1:46 a.m.
Stefan (Forum Supporter):
So when you gonna come get that beer I owe you?

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