I found a unicorn and I had to have it...

Mar 9, 2019 update on livinon2wheels's 1991 Subaru Legacy L Wagon "WRXish"

Bought a 2005 legacy wagon 2.5i with 5 spd and just under 100k on the clock. The previous owner was not abusive to the car, but he didnt care much about it. He fixed what broke when it broke but didnt do much else, cosmetically or otherwise. so needless to say it needed some serious love when I got hold of it. Some of the things that are known issues had already been taken care of, but headgaskets have yet to be done. My long term plan is to sort the chassis upgrades already in progress and when all that is settled in and working well if head gaskets need doing at that point, pull the engine and put the hotted up dohc engine I had in the 91 wagon in it. With modern engine controls, it should do fairly well. It did alright on obd1 electronics, I would imagine obdII would be a bit more tolerant and adaptive (almost anything would be). That should wake the old girl up. :) And me too.


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I found a unicorn and I had to have it...

sadly its time to call the funeral home.

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