sadly its time to call the funeral home.

Mar 8, 2019 update on livinon2wheels's 1991 Subaru Legacy L Wagon "WRXish"

Yep….the curse of old cars and would be vintage enthusiasts…its dead, wiring problems that no one can figure out. No existing test equipment left with service shops in the area to figure out what is happening. No one left alive that knows how to work on the old obd1 stuff…so its being sold as a roller minus engine…its going to be a great parts car for someone…with lots of really good parts on it…I have thrown in the towel after 8 frustrating months of endless troubleshooting and hours working to make it run again…I have moved on to a newer legacy wagon…(yeah I like the damn things) It may well appear here eventually.


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I found a unicorn and I had to have it...

sadly its time to call the funeral home.

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