Time to get serious...

Jul 31, 2009 update on friedgreencorrado's 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Okay…went out there tonight, hung the droplights (the garage is unlighted), and thought I’d just take 15min or so to remove the timing belt cover. No dice. Some of the bolts holding the thing on seem to be behind the thermostat housing, etc.

So…since I can’t do this in little bits, I’ve decided that the next day off I have, the hood, the radiator, and the grille (and maybe the headlight units, since I’ve got to grind off the rust up front anyway) are coming off. I need some room to work, especially since I’m doing this with hand tools. I’ve also discovered that the only ratchet u-joints I have are 3/4” drive. I don’t have a single one for my 1/2” stuff. I guess I need a couple to do the smaller bolts.

I wonder if half the money I spend on this project will be for tools. I’m already looking for bigger jackstands, even though I want to get the thing running before I put it up high enough to do the driveline/brakes/etc.


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