1983 Porsche 944

Started on July 31 by Carrera4

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Just purchased this car for $1200 because it seemed too good to pass up. 66,000 miles. No rust to speak of! More pics coming soon!

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Oct. 29

This car is sold

Sold this to make room for a 1991 Miata. I guess I don't get too attached to cars any more. I poured tons of hours into this car to make it mechanically solid only to turn around and sell it. ...

Oct. 11

Certified leak free!

After months of back and forth ordering of parts, waiting for them to arrive, finding the time to install them and actually turning wrenches, I an finally declare this car leak free - even the leaks that I caused - ...

Sept. 30

Leaks suck

The car is STILL leaking from somewhere on the passenger side of the motor. Getting really frustrated at this point. Find and fix one, only to identify another. I was going to just pull and re-seal the whole motor last ...

Sept. 29

Fix in hand

Actually it's in my pocket. Hard to believe a $2.45 item has had me out of comission for like 2 weeks. Maybe I'll finally make some progress.

Sept. 24

$8.50 Mistake?

So I may have overlooked a little nuance in the parts manual that is causing my car to Exxon Valdez every time it runs. Time to order more seals - maybe these one's will work better. Ordering both sets/types just ...

Sept. 23

Not so fast buddy!

That's what this car is saying to me. Thought I had the oil leaks licked, but it looks like I'm going to have to pull the engine and go through it properly, or just sell it on and try again ...

Sept. 19

It moves!

Drove the car around the block!!! Worked it up to second gear and about 3500 RPMs without incident - so far so good, but I still have 1 oil leak that I need to hunt down.

Sept. 17

4.5 Hours

Hooked up all the assorted parts and peices and got it fired up around 12:30 PM last night. Not bad considering I was working alone and didn't start bolting the engine into place until around 8:00 PM. Engine install start ...

Sept. 16

I'm on a mission

I'm determined to finish getting the motor back in and the car started/driving (at least around the block) by the end of the weekend. Today is Wednesday . . . tick, tick, tick.

Sept. 15

Engine going back in

Started putting the engine back in the car after installing the new clutch last night. Won't get to work on it tonight (wedding anniversary - 8 years), but it feels good to know I'm (hopefully) on the downhill of this ...

Sept. 13

Clutch difference

Here's a nice pic of the difference between the rubber centered clutch and a spring centered one.

Sept. 03

Re-assembly has begun

Got the pieces and parts in the mail yesterday and started puting it all back together. New seals, belts, assorted gaskets, etc. Engine is starting to look like an engine again!

Sept. 02

Parts come today

Well the parts I need to put this puppy back together should be arriving today. Unfortunately I'm travelling next week, so I probably won't have it up and running again for another two weeks. Still haven't even driven this car ...

Aug. 31

Parts in the mail

Now that the engine is out, I've determined where all the pesky leaks are coming from. Parts are on order and should arrive shortly. Belts to be replaced as well. Hopefully we'll be putting the motor back in soon!

Aug. 27

Engine drop

In the process of dropping the engine to fix some oil leaks, replace seals, and belts, etc. Good times!

Aug. 26

Dropping the engine

After getting the car running (she's been sitting for at least a year) I've discovered several oil leaks - probably due to dried out gaskets. I'm dropping the engine to go through it and seal everything back up. Will also ...

Aug. 17

She lives!

Finally had a chance to work on the car and get new speed and reference sensors installed. After a few coughs, she started! Now to give her a good once over - fluid changes, new belts, new clutch master and ...

Aug. 05

Found the problem

One of the speed/reference sensors is bad. No resistance reading when testing according to clarks-garage.com proceedures. Ordered the part I need from a company about an hour away and it should be here in a day or so. Let's hope ...

Aug. 02

Got her home

Well, she's home now. Rolled it into the garage and put her on skates to get her around and get working on it. Needs clutch slave cyl. New seats. Body work. Getting the engine going would be good too. It's ...

July 31

The back side . . .

Here's the back end of my new project car. More pics soon.

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Jul 31, 2009 9:36 p.m.
What in the hell?! 944s with 100–130k are still fetching $4,000–5,000 where I'm from! Either you got an exceptional deal or we're being taken for a ride in the South. Either way, nice find!
Jul 31, 2009 10:04 p.m.
Trust me, it's no prize winner, but it's pretty straight - just a few dings and chips here and there. I haven't heard it run yet either, but the compression on all 4 cyl. is great, so I suspect something simple like a sensor, fuse or relay. With a little love, it shouldn't be too bad. We'll see if we can't get her shining again.
Aug 20, 2009 3:08 p.m.
Well I've got the car started, and I know I have to install the clutch slave to make it move, but I've discovered a gnarly oil leak. Poor car - I will make you whole again!
Oct 23, 2009 2:01 p.m.
klipless (Forum Supporter):
Congrats on fixing up the leaks!

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