1993 Plymouth Duster

Started on Aug. 10 by Javelin (Forum Supporter)

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It's a non-running $50 car that I pushed-bumpered home as a project. It's a 3.0L OHC V6, 5-Speed Manual, and that's about all I know about them. It's Bright Red under the moss and mold. I'm going to fix it up and sell it off. Originally it was supposed to be a racecar, but she wants a Miata instead. ;)

The gamble has worked out great so far as it RUNS!!! Yay for me!

Here's the budget list so far:

  • $50.00 Car
  • $10.00 Affidavit
  • $10.00 Notary
  • $29.47 Title
    • $2.73 Change found in car
  • $44.09 Ignition Switch
  • $71.99 Battery
  • $12.20 Oil
  • $3.79 Oil Filter
  • $14.38 Wiper Blades
  • $47.75 Registration / Tabs (1 Year)
  • $35.00 Junkyard window and wheel/tire
  • $5.00 Car Wash (to use the pressure wash feature!)

  • $330.94 Total Investment.

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Latest updates

Sept. 07

Goodbye Crop Duster!

Goodbye little Crop Duster! Sold it for $700 today with a $347 investment and about 25-30 hours of labor. It's a 16 year olds first car. It looked pretty good when it left, interior all spiffed up, got the lights ...

Aug. 30


One of the newfound great things about having all the windows is that I can wash the car! I decided to blow $5 and took it to a local wash-it-yourself place to utilize they're pressure-washer like magic wand on the ...

Aug. 30

Replacement window and wheel

I hit the junkyard on Friday and nabbed a 1/4 window and another 15" steel wheel w/tire. Came home and replaced the window, which was pop-riveted in. Since the original one was busted out I was able to chisel the ...

Aug. 25

Look Ma! No stickers!

I de-stickered the Duster a few days ago. I managed to save the super-cool "Duster" decal on the driver's side, but both rear decals came off. It's OK, because I have to paint that area. I have a plan for ...

Aug. 16

Interior is getting there

Here's the interior after a LOT of vacuuming and de-greasing! It still needs a lot more work, but I'm not going further until I get a new window. Besides getting the Crop Duster running, I also fixed the driver's door, ...

Aug. 16

Engine after

Here's what 20 minutes of scrubbing and a new battery will net you. Pretty clean little car! It only has 110K miles.

Aug. 16

Engine before

Here's the Crop Duster's engine bay as-purchased.

Aug. 16

Victory is mine!!!

The Duster runs! I updated the main description with the total expenditures all listed out. I'm at $213 and change in the car and it runs and drives. Quite well actually! Even the cruise control works. Doesn't get hot, all ...

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Dec 10, 2009 8:13 a.m.
Javelin (Forum Supporter):
Woot! Even my sold cars are cool enough for ROTD. Thanks GRM!

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