Alternator and thermostat housing

Feb 4, 2010 update on ae86andkp61's Toyota Corolla GT-S

I traded in my old crusty and oil-soaked alternator for a Toyota remanufactured unit, which looks nice and will ease my mind knowing that pretty much everything else is new. I have a lightweight aluminum pulley for the alternator, but havent’ mounted it yet because I didn’t have an impact wrench handy.

While I was at the dealer I got a new Toyota connector for the 20-valve throttle position sensor (one of about two plugs which didn’t come pre-wired into the harness for my new standalone.)

I also got a new thermostat and O-ring, and got them installed with the FWD AE92 thermostat housing. You can see it just above the alternator, and unlike the old 4A-C thermostat housing I had, this one actually clears the alternator.


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