Details, details...

Jul 29, 2009 update on ae86andkp61's Toyota Corolla GT-S

Down to the detail work on engine assembly, AKA the fun stuff! :D

The backing plate for the block was bent, so I straightened it, and it was scratched up, so time for some semi-gloss black paint before mounting.

I converted the water pump pulley from studs to bolts (no mechanical fan, so no need) and got it mounted.

Here is the crank trigger pickup mount on the engine….the crank pulley is waiting for the lower timing belt cover before final install.

I got the cam covers sealed up with new gaskets, new sealing washers, and shiny hardware. Llast but not least, the 212mm Toda flywheel and new OE flywheel bolts. Toyota used these on the blacktop 20V with a slightly heavier flywheel and slightly fewer revs, so I think they will be fine for a slightly lighter flywheel with a few more revs.


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