Going overboard on the details?

Sep 14, 2009 update on ae86andkp61's Toyota Corolla GT-S

I’ve made some more progress with another round of detail work on the engine. As some of you may have guessed by now, I tend to like fiddly little tiny cosmetic stuff, even stuff that doesn’t really contribute all that much to function. I broke out the tiny paintbrush my plastic-model-building days and tied the Toyota lettering on the oil cap into the color scheme of the head by painting it in an aluminum shade. For something with a bit of function I did the timing notch and timing marks in a good high-visibility color. Nothing worse than peering in there with a timing light, seeing the mark on the crank pulley just fine, but not being able to make out the dirt-and-oil-encrusted black on black numbers. I got the lower timing cover mounted and the crank pulley installed.


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