Head reassembly started

Mar 22, 2009 update on ae86andkp61's Toyota Corolla GT-S

Since the engine was rebuilt only a couple thousand miles ago, there isn’t much that is needed. My main priority is upgrading components the original owner didn’t have the budget for. The port work and combustion-chamber work he did is beautiful and will remain untouched. My new cams have 8.35mm of lift, which is a little bit more than the original 7.5mm of lift. I am going to have a redline of somewhere around 8800rpm or so, as compared to the stock 7500rpm. The increased lift is right at the point where bind might become an issue, but I am not planning on even more lift or insane revs, so I didn’t want the increased wear and friction of all-out race valve springs. The TRD springs are a nice compromise, just a bit stiffer than stock and with one less coil so no concern about bind. I am reusing the valve seals and both the valve seats and valves were new at the rebuild, so I am leaving them as is.


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