New engine in the works

Mar 12, 2009 update on ae86andkp61's Toyota Corolla GT-S

Well, I no longer have the patience and funds for my rally car project, or perhaps I simply no longer cling to the unrealistic fantasy, so I have yanked that engine to put in this car with some additional hop-ups.

The bottom end was already built by the former owner, a professional machinist. It has 82mm Wiseco forged pistons 11.0:1 compression ratio, new bearings, and everything blueprinted and balanced. He also lightened the stock flywheel and ported the head to the small side of TRD Group A specs before running out of money and buttoning it back up with otherwise stock parts.

I have collected a lot of parts to add to it and realize the full potential of the bottom end. The goal is to retain and somewhat amplify what makes the stock engine so good: revs, throttle response, revs, a linear manageable powerband, and revs with more modern management, and without giving up much in terms of driveability, reliability, and midrange. I am anticipating that it will be healthy but I don’t have any specific power goals.

-Toda 212mm chromoly lightweight flywheel

-New Toyota 212mm clutch and pressure plate (versus my current 200mm)

-Lightly used HKS 272 degree, 8.35mm lift camshafts

-New TRD valve springs, stiff enough for higher revs and fewer coils so they won’t bind with the higher lift cams, but not so stiff that they are fast-wearing, high-frictional-loss race-only parts

-Lightly used AEM adjustable lightweight cam gears

-Toda timing belt

-New Toyota timing belt tensioner

-Nonstop Tuning lightweight water pump pulley

-New Toyota water pump

-Koyo aluminum radiator

-New Toyota crank pulley, modified by Jackson Autosport to make it single row and with a wheel for crank-fire ignition

-Toyota distributor housing modified by Jackson Autosport as a dizzy block-off for the custom igntion but also with a wheel for timing sequential injection

-FJO 341B programmable ECU with ignition control and wideband O2 sensor

-Toyota AE111 “silvertop” individual throttle bodies

-Club4AG ITB to bigport 16V head manifold

-T3 velocity stacks

-Mocal oil cooler with thermostatic sandwich plate

-Tom’s adjustable FPR-bolts to the stock fuel rail!

-RC Engineering 320cc low-impedance injectors

-Homemade oil pump shim for higher pressure (inspired by TRD Group A prep)

I still need to find a high-quality race/street header to fit a LHD RWD car, and none seem to exist, so I am probably going to have to custom. I am also in need of a few more parts like an electric fan and relay, air filter for the throttles, etc.

I am getting excited!


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