Oil temp sensor finds a home

Jan 14, 2010 update on ae86andkp61's Toyota Corolla GT-S

I also found a spot to put my new smaller oil temp sensor which will minimize the number of parts, cost, weight, and joints which might leak. I started with the fittings I already have coming into and out of the oil cooler sandwich plate.

I just drilled a hole at an angle just big enough to fit the sensor. The angle to get the best clearance for the sensor and the wiring coming into it, which will be fairly close the header tube coming out of cylinder #1 on the underside. I positioned it to minimize the amount of threads I would be welding onto/near. The good news is that I have an extra 2 turns or so of threads on both sides which I don’t need.

I did a bit of cutting, grinding, cleaning, and welding….et voila…a nice new tee!

Here you can see the clearance compared to the exhaust port, and why I angled it. You can also see the clearance on the stock oil pressure sender, and the best part is how close the oil temp sensor is to the stock pressure sender and the fitting just to the left on the oil pump (plugged with blue shop towel scrap) which will be nice and tidy for wiring up the engine harness! :D Since I ground off the coating to get a good weld, I will need to paint it or something to keep rust at bay, and I think I will pressure test it before trying to start the thing up, but I think it will work well.


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