1983 Toyota Corolla AE71 2 dr coupe

Started on Oct. 1 by oldeskewltoy

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Surreptitious - She is still under construction, but in essense....

Take one part Loyning's built "street" smallport 4AGE, add in AE86 suspension components and brakes, mix in a 6 speed transmission from a Miata...

For complete and continuing details of this build.... http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-threads-and-project-cars/1983-corolla-aka-surreptitious/52845/page1/

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Latest updates

May 01

Take a short ride around the block

Http://youtu.be/dc5dzcKzZsc - copy and paste

Sept. 19

further interior design

This is my toy... carrying more than one passenger is a detriment, and so I've decided to make this Corolla a dedicated 2 seater, with storage capability for a 7' Christmas tree....... I removed the rear seats, and designed a ...

Sept. 19

Adding vintage Cibie "bobi", or Z Beams

Not to dissimilar to my acquisition of the vintage, date appropriate, steering wheel hub, I recently came across a set of Cibie "Z" Beams, aka "bobi" headlamps. They were LEGALLY available for a short time (early 1980s) here before the ...

Aug. 22

finding, and fixing faults

I had "ae86andkp61" give me a hand finding squeaks, vibrations, rattles... We found 4, and those 4 when corrected will make for a quiet Corolla.... 1) using new rubber sheet, I better insulated mounting points(straps, filler neck, rubber pads) on ...

May 10

finally the rear end is swapped

Well... I FINALLY got the disc brake/GTS rear end(3.9 instead of 3.58) swapped in

July 16

more on the 6 speed install

Adding photo of the transmission installed

July 16

6 speed installed

Still finishing the details.... but the J160 6 speed from the Altezza/IS200 is now fully installed in Surreptitious

May 24

olde school - real wood dash!

My body guy... David.... well he is as talented with wood, as he with metal.... I dare say this is the only real wood dash insert for any E7 Corolla. All the right side needs is a bit of tung ...

Feb. 10

same day as the nice drive

Currently she is out @ tunedbypsi.com getting something MUCH more then an amateur tune that I've been diddling with over the past 2 years. I tried, and although her in-town manners are better now, then 2 years ago... her emissions ...

Feb. 03

such a nice day.....

It was such a nice day... I went for a ride

Jan. 31

just about ready for the 6 speed

Here is the Toyota J160 with LEEN adapter fitted, and just about ready for installation. The J160 is Toyota's version of the Aisin Industries AZ6.... which is a VERY close relative of the Mazda Y16M-D 6 speed that was available ...

Aug. 14

First time out... Best In Show

First time out... Best In Show

June 09

"Art" type photos ;)

Black and white... on a black and white car.... ;)

Feb. 10

ditto to previous post


Feb. 10

a few new pics...

Adding a few pics

Dec. 31

can't use wheel w/o hub

A late x-mas gift....

Dec. 16

adjustable camber now

I'm not a big fan of upper adjustable strut mounts, frequently they will transmit vibration, and wear prematurely. So, because of strut angle differences between the AE7 and the AE8 chassis, SOME form of camber modification is required. Most of ...

Nov. 28


Found a very nice set of Recaro seats that will fit the interior blu color perfectly

Nov. 28

Nice wheel to add

As the interior gets its fair share of attention it needs its own unique features. One of her unique interior features is an older Nardi flat-dish rim @37cm

Nov. 28

Interior gets some attention

With the overall drivetrain now in almost daily driver condition, the interior needs some attention. The dash "pad" was horrible - having multriple cracks. The first stage was to get the cracks filled and let them age(to make sure no ...

Sept. 28

Went to the track/strip....

She went 3 passes... . . . . . . . It's been 25 years since I went drag racing last.... I wasn't very good then, and I'm not very good now... I'm sure with a competent driver behind the ...

July 23

a nice lope.....

A nice lope http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j143/oldeskewltoy/ae71/?action=view&current=tailpipeview.mp4

July 03

and one more...

Additional photo

July 03

additional pic

Another photo

June 29

art pose

Art pose

May 04


Slightly askew(camera)... but you get the idea

April 07


Added rear FOHA spoiler

March 28

more recent dyno

Not yet fully tuned... but power is building and she is Oregon emissions compliant

Dec. 29

!st Dyno Run

Here is Surreptitious's 1st dyno run, 141hp and 108#/ft @ the wheels. Not bad considering this is far from her final state of tune......

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Oct 14, 2009 2:56 p.m.
That looks like a nice recepie in a cool old shcool package. Keep us up to date.
Oct 20, 2009 7:11 a.m.
Awesome! Love the Watanabes.
Oct 20, 2009 6:11 p.m.
Luje: The Watanabes were not part of the deal(frown). I've purchased a set of Drag 902 wheels [img]http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j143/oldeskewltoy/ae71/?action=view&current=Drag902wheels2.jpg[/img]
Aug 28, 2010 4:08 a.m.
This car reminds me of my '81. I loved that car! I had 400hp 4AGTE LPG setup. Scary fast! 140Hp is good from a stock na 4AGE, my MR2 is super charged and only makes 155.
Sep 28, 2010 10:17 p.m.
Miles Wilson:
Nice! She is looking mean, clean, and classy.
Dec 20, 2010 2:44 p.m.
Matt B (fs):
Damn, you have your personal logo etched(?) on the valve covers. Pimpin ain't easy ;)
Feb 16, 2011 10 a.m.
This thing is HOT man. I love it.

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