finding, and fixing faults

Aug 22, 2013 update on oldeskewltoy's 1983 Toyota Corolla AE71 2 dr coupe

I had “ae86andkp61” give me a hand finding squeaks, vibrations, rattles…

We found 4, and those 4 when corrected will make for a quiet Corolla….

1) using new rubber sheet, I better insulated mounting points(straps, filler neck, rubber pads) on the gas tank.

2) The spare tire insulator pads were no longer soft to absorb vibration, new pads will be used.

3) The rear hatch does not have any adjustable rubber bumpers, currently the driverside of the rear hatch has a little movement. Not yet sure how to properly fix this one.

4) Shifter vibration/harmonics - there is a small plastic cup on the base of the shifter that fits inside a metal cup on the shifter rod - the two tend to vibrate against each other - I’ve been advised that a little bit of RTV in the metal cup used to hold the plastic cup will help isolate the vibration

I also FINALLY found the driverside standard interior panel I had been seeking for over 2 years


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