1979 Jaguar XJS

Started on Nov. 13 by Tetzuoe

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Bought it for 500 bucks to run on the BABE rally, this sweet street machine features no floors, load bearing rust, and the jewel of v8s, the Chevy 305.

I am currently sourcing wheel studs for the front, after which welding begins to seal up the foot wells. After that we get her up to PA where she gets electronics and the other prep items to run on the rally.

Pray that the Lucas electric gods smile upon us and our turn signals (actually those dont currently work either)

also those are not the current wheels, the previous owner kept those, ill get a new picture when its off jack stands. =)

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Nov 15, 2009 1:58 p.m.
God be with you , and maybe more. i have a 1978 XJS, and rust was all thru the entire car, when i bought it $800. i replaced 2 complete floors, , 2 rocker panels,, 2 rear quarters,, 2 complete rear radius arm boxes,, all front sheet metal, below the bumpers all sheet metal below the rear bumpers, 2 door sills, all metal 6" down on both doors. 2" down on trunk lid,, even some rust holes in hood. these cars can hide rust where you would never expect. if it wasnt a RHD European model i would have scrapped it. but after two and 1/2 yrs, and ALL componetnt new or rebilt, including rebilt engine,, 4 spd transmission,, rear end,LSD, shocks , motor and trans mounts, exhaust ,, full leather interior, Recaro seats, new custom wood dash, and four ENKEI 18" wheels, tires. plus other upgrades. i got 20times what its worth, so what do i do now.?? runs and drives great,, did i mention its now a roadster,, SO cool RHD roadster!
Nov 15, 2009 4:36 p.m.
HAH! Thats excellent, I am now extremely frightened. Since we only really need the car to get us 3000 miles down and back on the rally, ill concentrate on new floors and try to keep my nose out of the other parts. If she wants to hide the rust let her.. I discovered today that I can climb into the passenger seat from under the car, and the rotting is working its way back to the back seats too.. ugh. I am going to need much metal and much welding to drive this again.
Nov 17, 2009 5:14 p.m.
HI1 again after i did all the work ,i WAXOILed all inside spaces and compartments, cubby holes and frame rails, inside doors, anyplace moisture may collect, so after 12yrs i have no signs of rust, solid as a rock. i used a rotessire roll over for my under car welding, that way i could take my time and do a good job, on under body repairs.
Jul 30, 2010 8:17 p.m.
The car made it! 1500 miles. A few days before the BABE rally we were doing an oil change... and found BRASS AND METALLIC SHAVINGS all up in the oil... Sooooo we SWAPPED OUT THE ENTIRE MOTOR for a monte carlo 305 long block... keeping the injection intake etc... unfortunatley this motor had a leak from the heads around cylinder 7.. much trouble shooting commenced and the best solution was to unplug the offending leaky cylinder... miraculously the car ran exactly the same with the injector to 7 unplugged.. also swapped 7 for the clinder next to it and no change. This deeply frightened me so I put it back. The car ran almost the entire rally like this. On the ride home a loose (inboard) brake caliper caused the crack in a hard brake line. The rear circuit on the MC was plugged to compensate, all was well (ok well, we werent racing it around like that at least). In the end she made it, and is currently up for sale up in PA.
Jan 3, 2011 1:31 p.m.
This picture looks way better then it did in real life!! But its good to see a car I recognize on the GRM sideboard when surfing!

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