1984 Toyota Corolla Sport SR5

Started on Nov. 25 by 84hachi

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When I was 18 I saw Initial D for the 1st time. I liked the lines of the AE86. I put that car in my list of "Cars I wish I could Own One Day". Which usually means I'll never get one. Who knew 5 years later a dream would come true.

This is my cars story from past to present and my plans to come.


August 12th 2007 Being bored, driving around wasting gas (i had a job so i had money to put in the tank). At a stop light I look left and see what looks like a bluish Toyota sitting on a repair lot. I pull over and look at it. It had everything but two items met by what I was looking for RWD, and carbed, but non the less I planned on coming back.

August 13th 2007, after work I haul ass over there and ask about the car. Its for sale but he wants a grand, I said will you take 300 its all I have, he said deal. So I was gonna pick the car up the next day. That was the day I found out it was RWD. I drive to the bank drain my bank account, Then I stop and say "Oh shit what the hell am I gonna tell my parents!?!" I got home and just my luck they are both sitting at the kitchen table. I say the most ballzy thing I ever said to my parents "I bought a car and thats it,I pick it up tomorrow its a 1984 Toyota corolla" both looked at eachother and to my surprise they say OK. I couldn't sleep that night.

August 14th 2007, After work I go home and collect my parents (I wasn't good at manual) (dad hasn't driven a manual car since 1957) we make the deal and I see the passenger side, but I don't care. Its the 1st car I ever bought with MY OWN MONEY. Dad drives it home and then I notice the firewall saying AE86. I started to cry tears of joy, I got a car of my dreams.

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Dec 6, 2009 1:58 p.m.
Hey, $300, nice. And how lucky you didn't even know what you were getting! I agree though. The first time I recognized the AE86 was playing some Initial D game in an arcade, and I seriously loved the lines of the car and flip-up headlights.
May 11, 2011 10:17 p.m.
Hey, August 13th 2007 was my 20th birthday. Awesome!

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