Moar power!

Nov 3, 2013 update on inkedfireman's 2002 Ford Focus

A buddy of mine is building an MEV Rocket, and thought his turbo setup would hit too hard. I was thinking I needed more power in my Focus than the Eaton M62 derived blower kit could muster. A swap worked in both our favors! Since then, I’ve fell into the “if some is good, more is better” trap. I’ve built a forged long block, with Cosworth rods (found for a bargain because the 22mm wrist pin diameter [vs 20mm stock] makes off the shelf pistons unusable), JE turbo pistons custom made to delete the “bathtub” dish in the dome leaving them flat top, and having the required 22mm wrist pin diameter. I’ve added a Jay Racing intake manifold, and a Dunnell ported cylinder head, along with ZX3 Tuning’s cams, that were designed for the PowerWorks blower application. With more lift and little overlap, these cams should also work well on a turbo motor. Time will tell, as money is short now.


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Moar power!

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