Not much of an update, but..

Apr 21, 2009 update on Paul_VR6's 1995 Volkswagen GTI VR6

Tested at Atco a few weeks ago, just forgot to post it here.

Trying out a fresh set of 22x8x13” MT slicks I got on a whim and it didn’t work so hot. Ran a 13.22@105.x spinning like crazy out of the hole with a career worst 1.820 60’. Still plagued with 1-2 shifting issues, on that run it took me .75 seconds to change gears.

The other two passes were of no real interest, on the last pass the car managed to get a piece of wiring harness tape stuck in the serp belt, destroying most of the harness and throwing the belt at around the 1000’ mark. Many thanks to Joe @ The Race Shop for running out and getting me a belt so I could make it home!

Next up is taking the transmission out again and bidding farewell to syncros, at least for now! I’ll post up some pictures of the trans mods needed for this in my next update.


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