1993 Mazda Miata

Started on Feb. 2 by Javelin (Forum Supporter)

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My stupid Miata. Bought it for $2500 at the world's worst used car dealer because it had 15x7 Rota RB's and a factory hardtop already installed. We raced it for a season suffering a lot of breakdowns (CAS, clutch disc, clutch fork, and finally 3 collapsed lifters).

The hardtop and nice wheels are already gone and the car is for sale. Next time I'll buy a nice one with a 1.8...

Latest updates

Feb. 08

Rollbar install

Hard Dog Sport rollbar with SFI padding. Legal for HPDE and autocross. Fits under the softtop (vinyl window) and hardtop.

Feb. 08

Winter Mode

Stock NA Miata 14" steel wheels with chrome Mazda center caps on 185/60/14 Falken EuroWinter Sport tires. It drives nice in the snow and slush! Color-matched to the stripes of course...

March 24

Race mode

Here's the Miata in "race mode". We bought some magnets for autocrossing (15 for me, 314 for her). It's also now on 205/50/15 Falken Azenis Rt615's and has a competition alignment. I also re-painted the front fender where the paint ...

March 24

Grand Sport stripes

We decided to put some Grand Sport stripes on the Miata. I had painted some on the RX-7 and always liked them, and the Miata looked to similar to all of the other white Miata's at the track. She chose ...

March 24

Audra racing!

She really enjoys the Miata! It's much nicer to drive to the track, and it's much easier to drive at the track (no fuel starvation in the float bowls in the corners or snap-back oversteer from the Watt's Link binding) ...

March 24

First autocross!

We had our first autocross already in the Miata. We competed with the Oregon Region PCA (an *excellent* group of people!) in the "Non-Porsche" class. I placed 13/35 in NP, 30/65 Overall, my best finish ever in 3 years of ...

March 24


Our Miata came with this hardtop already installed, a factory unit in matching white with a glass rear window with a working defroster plus a headliner. It is soooooo nice! The car is more secure, there is no wind/road noise ...

March 24

All cleaned up!

Here's the Miata after a nice scrub and a little polish. We also cleaned the interior and softtop. Audra stitched up the driver's seat bolster after stuffing it with fur from our cat's brush :P

Feb. 21

On the track already!

We've had the Miata 20 days and it's already been on PIR (Portland International Raceway)! Friends of PIR had their annual "Season Opener" shin-dig with some touring laps. It was Audra's first time driving on a big track and she ...

Feb. 19

Lookin good!

All washed up with a new rear end! Going to the first track event tomorrow together. We are really looking forward to it.

Feb. 19

All fixed

And the finished product! The rear valance I bought wasn't in the best shape, but it was better than one with a hole. We had to cover some horrid stickers so it got a Portland Raceway sticker and a Food ...

Feb. 19

So we fixed it!

Yes, that's a GRM sticker we hid behind the bumper and yes, that is Audra working on our Miata. I pretty much stood around taking pictures and she did all of the work. Hehehehe...

Feb. 19


This is the damage that we found on the Miata when we went to buy it. We were able to talk the price down a *lot* because of it.

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