Ford Escort EXP Sport Coupe

Started on June 12 by Powar (Forum Supporter)

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1987 Ford Escort EXP Sport Coupe - Hasn't seen the road in a couple of years. Maybe one day...

I drove it through most of high school. Put ~25k miles on it and all it needed was a clutch, brakes, and tires. Eventually, though, the head gasket blew. I eventually started doing some IT work for a family of dealerships, one of which was Ford... After making some friends in the service department, the car was repaired on the cheap. Rebuilt head, new head gasket, water pump, timing belt, etc, etc, etc. Spent a metric asston of money on parts, but thankfully got heavily heavily heavily discounted labor. After driving it for a few months, I grew bored and sold it to a friend so I could concentrate on my Miata, SHO, Legacy, and whatever other flavors of the month were in my life at the time. The friend let a seeminly minor problem discourage him, and I bought it back at 1/4 what I sold it for. It has sat dead ever since. I really need to pass it on to someone else who will put it back on the road and enjoy this fun, reliable little car.

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Feb 18, 2009 12:58 p.m.
Swank Force One:
Dibs! Looks clean. :D
Feb 18, 2009 1:31 p.m.
Powar (Forum Supporter):
The new owner just left with it on a trailer to Indianapolis. Bittersweet day. I'm really glad that I wasn't there to watch it leave.

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