1979 Datsun 280ZX

Started on Feb. 28 by PurePontiacKid

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This is my second car, that I bought for $400. I'm currently rebuilding all the suspension since I got in an accident and couldn't drive the car as it was. Now I plan on just cutting the fender enough to clear and drive it for a while, while I save up money to have the fender fixed correctly.

My goal for this car is a super low, super aggressive wheel-fitted DD that will still outhandle most cars I come across, and to autoX it every once in a while. Parts list: -JDM valve cover(powdercoated by me) -JDM fender badges -Falken 912 tires (195/65-14 currently on 14x6 -10ET stock wheels) -Tokico Blues out back with super stiff coilover type springs -Koni reds for a VW Rabbit up front with Eiback coilover type springs -polyurethane bushings throughout -SS brake lines -Clifford research 3-2-1 header -N42 intake, shaved, ported, powdercoated (all by me) -2.5" exhaust, no cat, with dual glass pack mufflers -Toyota Cressida AFM (larger than stock) -KA24 Throttle body (60mm compared to 50mm) -Nismo leather shift knob -truck shifter (acts as a short throw) -Paddy Hopkirk seats (got them for free) -Nardi Gara steering wheel -all suspension components will be powdercoated, all by me -sectioned strut tubes up front because of the shorter VW strut inserts.

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Mar 5, 2010 12:04 a.m.
hahaha! i love the bosozoku exhaust

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