1984 Audi Coupe GT of death!

Started on March 10 by Typ85

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SUSPENSION: Front: Audi "90" 2 piece modified/shortened struts (more camber) w/Koni 1437 race strut inserts, 2Bennett coilovers/600lb Eibach springs, 2Bennett billet adj. strut mounts (more caster), custom aluminum strut brace, delrin bushings in A-arms, VW ball joint “extenders” for a higher roll center, 034 aluminum offset subframe bushings(more caster), 26mm 4000q front swaybar, adjustable heim joint droplinks Rear: Addco 19mm rear swaybar, adjustable heim joint droplinks, Koni sports, 2Bennett coilovers /380lb. Eibach springs, urethane bushings, adjustable panhard bar w/heim joints.

Brakes: Willwood forged Dynalites, VW Corrado 11” front brake conversion, braided steel lines, Wilwood BP-30 (atomic fallout dust) race pads, WV GTI rear disc conversion, Wilwood BP-10 pads Track wheels: 15”x8” 949 racing 6UL, 225/45-15” Nitto NT-1's, street: Borbet typE 15”x7” Dunlop Direzza 205/50-15”

INTERIOR: Ultrashield racing seat, Crow 5 point harness (drivers),I/O port back brace and harness bar, Momo competition steering wheel (w/3” aluminum hub extension), european “quattro” instrument 3 aux. gauge cluster, Nordskog air/fuel ratio gauge, “auxiliary” O.E.M. gauges were replaced with 6 VDO gauges and senders , transplanted brown velour interior from 1985 coupe

ELECTRICAL: Cibie European 80/100 watt H4 and 100watt H1 headlights, Hella 100w H3 fog lights (on relays), Blaufergnugen headlight “relay” wiring harness, 130 amp “Ultranator”, battery relocated to the trunk Odyssey lightweight racing battery.

BODY: New old stock O.E.M. “Euro” bumpers imported from Germany, A.C. deleted. Curb weight: 2,325 pounds on NASA’s scales Ultra secret, hi tech, Redbull blown diffuser inspired, front “undertray” with Adrian Newey “flow straightners” (it works trust me, the engine runs cooler)!

ENGINE: New for 2012!! 034-1a standalone programmable sequential fuel injection, low restriction 3" intake w/giant ricer inspired cone filter! Running E85 fuel @ $3.75 per gallon, just my way of "sticking it tot the man"

HEAD: 10v “NF” head and intake manifold , Flowported by 034 motorsport, , 42mm intake 34mm stainless exhaust valves, titanium retainers, hi lift springs, lightweight V6 tappets, ABT 276° sport camshaft, Techtonics adjustable cam sprocket, matchported 4000q “5-3-1” exhaust manifold and down pipe (“Jet Hot” ceramic coated and wrapped), 2½” exhaust pipe, high flow catalytic converter (or bypass pipe), 18” glass pack, 3 chamber Flowmaster muffler, Aquamist water injection.

BLOCK: Eurospec 2553cc/158ci. (82.5mm x 95.5mm) "VW eurovan" 5 cylinder block (aka: the "death star of torque") with piston oil squirters, 10:1 compression, 20v oilpan and windage tray, 19 row Earl’s oil cooler, Energy suspension urethane engine mounts (for Mustang trans mount!)

TRANSMISSION: New old stock 5 speed “013” transmission, 215mm OEM Sachs clutch, 16lb. lightened flywheel, 034 trans mount, custom short shift heim joint shift linkage.

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Latest updates

Aug. 07

Covid hell update!

Bored out of my skull, so here's some pics from the last couple of years, haven't done an update in about 3 years.....

March 02

Springtime here in So.Cal. and on tha track!!

Nov. 24

Dual prop. valves for tha rear brakes... BOOM!!!

The stock valve by the pass side rear axle is really a "shutoff valve". As the axle dops, it limits the amount of pressure, this makes the rear brake pressure non linear. With the track suspension, the coupe has virtually ...

July 21


DONE with the front end!!! No more warped rotors, no rubbing, no weirdness/shims from the hubs and bearings to clear the ball joint extenders.... Brakes feel good, lager stronger hubs, and CV's feel good as well! Lot's of driveshaft angle ...

April 12

New injectors, EV6, 4 "pintle" version

Read the article in Grassroots about upgrading the injectors on a Miata. So I did the same on the coupe! MUCH finer spray pattern that the old 1st gen. EV1 Bosch "red top" single pintle injectors I was running...

March 15

(*^%!%(^&%(*^&!_!*&%! wheel bearing!!

Damn drivers wheel bearing is cooked agian, just replaced it 1 year and 3000mi ago!!

March 05

Winter hibernating

Sleeping under the cover over the winter, driven a couple times per month, gotta get her ready for tha track in March!!

April 09

Never gonna get on the track!!!

1st, it was the cracked exhaust manifold, then it was a missing issue with the aftermarket EFI from running E85 fuel... changed back to gasoline and blew the head gasket from it missing and knocking.... no damage, but found the ...

Jan. 28

2011 and 2012

Tons of updates the last 2 years; front suspension, brakes new engine, new standalone EFI as of Jan 2012, see main description for more details!!!

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Mar 10, 2010 10:15 p.m.
pinchvalve (Forum Supporter):
We have room, list it!
Mar 11, 2010 2:16 p.m.
Nice list!

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