I have heat!

Nov 14, 2011 update on coll9947's 1990 Honda CRX HF

Cold weather has been around now for a while and the CRX hasn’t had working heat. Fun stuff. It worked last winter just fine. I was worried it would turn into a terrible job but it was actually just a disconnected cable! I took the opportunity to replace my broken and gross looking climate control box as well. Picked up a unit from eBay that has been cleaned up and epoxy-ed where these units typically break. Everything works great and it makes the interior look so much better now.

During the summer I also pulled out the dash piece that covers the center console area and repainted the black parts with Duplicolor black trim paint. The finish is great, what you see in the picture is just dust. Still need to find an ash tray…

Next challenge is to find the leak in the hatch area. After the car is sealed up again I’m going to replace the carpet with some new stuff from Stock Interiors .com and look into getting the seats reupholstered.


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