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Jul 7, 2010 update on coll9947's 1990 Honda CRX HF

Well, I’ve spent some time cleaning it up. I removed the lower pin stripe, clay-barred, waxed, polished the paint. Threw some Krylon at the wheels to freshen them up a bit. Replaced the rusted out muffler. Removed the PO’s crap and tracked down some rattles and squeaks. Found out the spare only holds 15 psi before leaking, so I’m searching for a replacement. Upping the tire pressures to 35 front / 33 rear and replacing the air filter and a bottle of fuel injector cleaner bumped my mileage from 39 to 43!

Decided to keep the box of carbon-infused poly bushings and use them as I replace and freshen up things.

My top priorities right now are Integra or Civic/CRX Si seats, new CD player and speakers.

After that it needs a clutch and throw-out bearing and a valve adjustment then I won’t have to mess with it for a very long time.


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