Family Formula Vees

Apr 21, 2011 update on jrb46's 1946 Ford Super Deluxe coupe

I had been racing with the SCCA for some time with both a ‘ 72 Corolla SR5 in ITC and then a TR-4 in the vintage class. My wife decided she wanted to race also so we bought and rebuilt a Zink C4 Formula Vee. After a season of racing both cars, it became apparent that the Vee’s were the way to go for inexpensive, easy to maintain (note my wife setting the valves) racecars that we could haul two of in the same trailer. So I also bought a matching Zink and we raced them until I retired and we sold them and moved to Texas. There I completed and briefly raced a Volvo P1800 I had started on while still in Florida. I have since sold it and am now building a ‘46 Ford street rod.


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Family Formula Vees

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