Praise the Lowered?

Sep 29, 2009 update on problemaddict's 2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner

Earlier this summer I performed a mild lowering job on the Taco. I did all my research on looking for the best performance from a handling perspective vs. cost and simplicity. I was looking at a subtle drop of 2” up front and 3” out back. The recommended setup for this is Eibach springs up front. Out back the cheap way to go is to grab some leaf springs out of a 4x4 Taco. They have less of an arch than the SR springs. Using the Main and 2nd spring from the 4x4 and the SR’s overload spring gets me about 3” without using blocks. For dampening we’ve got Summit “drop shocks” up front. These were surprisingly highly recommended yet really cheap. Out back i’ve got Monroe air shocks which should allow me to still use the truck as a truck.

Impressions: so-so. I wanted subtle, but this drop ended up being a bit too subtle. The Eibachs really only give @ 1.5” drop and the Summit shocks are pretty good for the street, but i’d like a bit more dampening. Out back was seriously underdamped. The consensus on was to run about 20psi in the air shocks for the street. This was terrible. The rear was terribly under sprung and under damped. I’ve since bumped the shocks up to 60psi. This is MUCH better. I was expecting the increase to only affect springrate, but it seems to have increased dampening as well. Only problem is that putting 60psi in the shocks raises the rear one inch or so. So now i’ve got a 1.5/2 drop.

Before: toyota tacoma lowered dropped

After: toyota tacoma lowered dropped

So, i’m a bit disappointed that the lowering isn’t a bit more noticeable, and i’m not blown away by the handling. But, it is an improvement, i’ll have to get it out autocrossing to really see how it feels at the limits. And anyway, my previous two daily drivers were a lowered Miata and a C4 Corvette, so my expectations may be a bit skewed…


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Praise the Lowered?

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