Sep 29, 2009 update on problemaddict's 2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner

Added a dash of “sinister” to the Taco w/ some new rims/tires.

Went from the stock 16x6.5s at 25+ lbs to Motegi 18x8’s at 18lbs.

The truck looks and handles much better now. I was surprised the handling didn’t take a turn for the worse w/ the bigger rims and shorter tires, but i searched for weeks for the lightest affordable rims (really wanted Volk TE37$$$) and i think the light weight really paid off. I went from a 235/60/16 to a 235/40/18 and i don’t notice the shorter/stiffer side wall at all.

kawasaki streetfighter tacoma s-runner sport truck


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