1971 Toyota Corolla TE27

Started on Aug. 7 by fabron

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I bought this 1971 Corolla TE27 10 years ago for $50. My girlfriend learned to drive it for her first license then later I married her. This car will eventually be powered by a 2005 L33 Vortec Small-block and 2005 C1500 5-speed manual transmission.

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Sept. 10

Steering shaft

I had to connect the toyota steering shaft to the BMW rack. So I took steering joints from three different cars and put this together. I know the joints are not in time. I just hastily put the parts together ...

Sept. 10

Radiator support

The front radiator mount/support is complete. I used the stock dodge rubber mounts.

Sept. 10

X member part 2

The crossmember is complete but still needs painting.

Sept. 05

X member part 1

Here you can see the rack and pinion mounted, the right hand motor mount and the control arm mounting points. A second crossmember will tie in the radiator core support, sway bar mounts, and add torsional stiffness to the front ...

Sept. 04

Breathing easier

I returned the Infinity radiator to pick n pull and they allowed me to return it for this Dodge Avenger unit. It fits perfectly. I now have 5" of throttlebody clearance.

Sept. 03

Steering clear of trouble

I have the suspension mocked up with the bimmer rack. I bought some QA1 rod ends from F.R.E. in Elk Grove today so that I could adjust for bumpsteer.

Sept. 03

Handling the situation

I bought a '89 BMW 325i rack-n-pinion today. It is also power assist, so, if I choose to I may add a pump later but for now I will just loop the lines.

Sept. 03

Cool stuff

The Infinity radiator I got today comes really close to the throttlebody. It looks as though I will have to change a few things for clearance.

Sept. 02

Suspension mock up

With bailing wire and remnants of the stock crossmember I flipped the corolla suspension backwards to resemble the Nissan's 240Z suspension in order to clear the oil pan. Now all I have to do is fabricate a new crossmember.

Sept. 02

Trans tunnel part 1

The tunnel for the transmission is almost done I had to take a break from the heat today and I went to reconnoiter parts in preparation for pick n pull's 1/2 off sale tomarrow. I'll be buying a BMW 3series ...

Sept. 02

Trans x-member

The transmission is done and the floor was clearanced so that 2.25" dual exhuasts can exit along the transmission.

Sept. 02

Mastercylinder moves

The clutch and brake master cylinder had to move over 4" to the left and back 4".

Sept. 01

Then engine is in

I fabricated motor mounts from 3/16"x2" cold rolled tubing and the stock corolla mounts.

Aug. 28

Rally shifter

The shifter base location is a lot taller than the stock one. Yet, I think it will be fine since, after I shorten the shift lever, the shift knob will be at the same height. Shift throws will be real ...

Aug. 28

Electric fans installed

Two flexalight pusher fans will blow through a corvette radiator. I had to switch to a corvette balancer and waterpump to clear the radiator.

Aug. 28

Tight clearance

This intake is from a ls1 so that it would clear the hood. The drivetrain has a 3 degree angle. The driveline yoke is in the same stock location.

Aug. 28

motor and transmission

I have the motor and transmission inside the car for fitment. And it fits good. I have to fabricate a k-member and transmission x-member, modify the pedal assembly, make a driveline, make motor mounts, install a radiator, make the exhaust, ...

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Aug 28, 2010 2:39 a.m.
I have swapped in the motor and transmission.
Feb 15, 2011 12:55 p.m.
This is great! Can't wait to see the finished product.
Mar 2, 2011 6:02 p.m.
This is one crazy ride, would like to see it at one of the GRM events

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