Been DDin'

Jul 9, 2010 update on Stuc's 1986 Toyota Corolla

Well, my regular transportation is out so I’ve been DDing this putting some serious miles on it on weekends (~300). The trans is acting up and leaking a bit, but I’m watching it. The previous shifting problem was improved by fixing one of the bolts in the slave cylinder (1 of 2 was snapped) and bleeding the fluid, but it’s still rough to shift, especially down into second.

I’ve got a quiet exhaust on it for once. The header is 2.25”, which goes to a 18” SS Vibrant resonator (not worth the $$ for me, should have stuck with longest resonator/glasspack I could find), then 2” out back to a massive can (22”, 2” o/o). It’s actually a little too quiet for my taste, but atleast it will keep me out of trouble and won’t sound like ass.


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