Hmmm put these bumpers on a while ago

Apr 7, 2010 update on Stuc's 1986 Toyota Corolla

Finally got around to putting a sensible radiator on it and some non-US-safety-stick-out-a-mile bumpers. Those were some frozen-finger days! Also broke the input shaft on the highway switching to 5th with no breakdown lane. That was also an experience.

More frozen-finger days happened in removing the transmission and putting in the new one. Unfortunately I didn’t have a great place to work. I did the jack-stands on 3/4” plywood squares in the yard, but the ground wasn’t even flat on the squares. I shoved the car good every time before I got under it, but it rained a lot while it was up there and just wasn’t that trustworthy. I kept the jackstand on the lowest setting for safety, but it still wasn’t a great idea. Changing a trans by yourself, in dirt, with only handtools, in cold weather isn’t fun. I’m sure plenty of you know what I’m talking about. If it was anything heavier, it just wouldn’t have happened! So, did it once, but from now on I’m going to have to either wait or if I can’t, go to a shop… it just wasn’t that safe…

So, after all that, it’s not shifting right (can’t downshift to 2nd or 3rd at any decent speed). I’m hoping I just need to bleed the slave and bolt the slave up more steadily because one of the 2 bolts is broken. However, the used trans I got from the JY is probably just busted…

Also, the awesome header that came with it when I got it as a project completely cracked off in the ‘2’ section of the ‘4-2-1’ headers.

So, a better exhaust is in its future. I just have to decide to go with the eBay special (known for thin material and fitment issues), something higher quality ($$$), or spend the $$$ on a welder which will be the likely solution if I can find a place to do the work.


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Hmmm put these bumpers on a while ago

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