Trouble on the horizon...

Apr 10, 2012 update on tedium850's 1979 Ford Fiesta

Been a while since I updated anything, so here’s a bullet point of the last year.

Went to renew emissions (10/11) and it failed- I couldn’t get it lean enough at an idle even with the circuit closed. Tried a couple different used/ “rebuilt” carbs and still no go. My OE head was cracked and the intake needed to be modified to fit a Webert 32/36 DGV. So I purchased a FF1600 head/intake and a brand new DGV.

Since it is my DD, I swapped the intake out first (quickly) and installed the new carb. Passed emissions with very little tuning! But shortly after I noticed a little water in the oil. So on went the head. When I had the head off, I noticed the #3 piston slightly melted.

Put everything on and it ran good (not great, but good enough). About a week later I noticed water in the oil again. DOH!!! This past weekend put my radiator tester on (maybe 1-2 psi drop in 30min) and did a compression check (150-150-60-150 dry, 150-150-150-150 wet), so I don’t think it’s a blow head gasket. Since #3 is partially melted, it’s time to start gathering parts for a proper rebuild. In the mean time, think I’ll try some radiator stop leak, since it such a small amount of water getting in the oil.

My hope is to find a rotating assemly/flywheel/block. Have everything balanced and lightened, install a larger cam, then over a weekend, pull the engine and put my FF1600 head on. If I get REALLY motivated, I may try to find/install and 1981-1989 Escort 5-speed as well.


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