1988 BMW M5 (E28)

Started on Sept. 28 by gunner

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Just bought this one a month ago. I think I used up my luck getting hold of this. It showed up one day on Autotrader.com at a dealership for new cars. Crazy. So far I have changed the tranny and diff fluids. It needed front rotors when I bought it and the a/c and trip computer didn't work. The only thing left now is the trip computer. I'm going to keep it stock, not because it's so rare, but because it rocks hard just the way it is. It had 90000 miles when I bought it and has just over 91000 now. It does have a couple of rust issues, bottom front corner of pass front door is bubbling a bit. and there is some where the rear license plate lights are.

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Latest updates

Dec. 29

new tank

I noticed one day when filling the gas that fuel was running down the side of the tank after I got home. I reached up around the protection plate to the edge of the tank where there is about a ...

Aug. 21


The first strut took me 8 hours!! PB Blaster is your friend. too bad I didnt order new front mounts and cups because they are all rusted and have to be replaced. good thing I love working on this rusty ...

Aug. 12


I thought this thing rode a bit lower than stock and I just checked out the springs up close. I knew it had the sls delete already but I found H&R springs up front with Dinan springs out back. As ...

July 15

special prize inside!

So I opened up the ecu to do the solder thing when engine runs bad and I found out it has the Eurosport chip in it already. This is the chip I was already going to buy when I got ...

Oct. 24

fun with electrics

Spent 7 hours on the M5 yesterday removing useless wire from old hardwired radar detector and defunct alarm as well as an early 90's era mobile phone mic. about 30 feet of wire total. also replaced all the parking brake ...

Jan. 05

m5 update 2

After a lot more pouring over the M5, I've found out some P/O replaced the brake lines with stainless steel ones, and the roll bars with adjustables. Also they replaced the spark plug wires. I'm hoping to find out they ...

Oct. 02

an update

Being over on e28.com I am surprised at the great shape my car is in, despite the rust. it must have been under the car cover or in a garage a lot. it runs great. All I have done so ...

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Sep 28, 2010 11:23 p.m.
Awesome car! (My e28 wishes it were your e28)
Jul 1, 2012 9:58 p.m.
Rusted license plate light mounts are rearing their ugly head, but I wont get them fixed till I get ready to store it for the winter. This is the one car I wish they made a billion of just because I think everyone should own one once in their lives. What an amazing driver. I ended up mixing castrol 5w-50 synth and valvoline 20w-50 racing synth to try and get enough zddp, and its never ran better. this car continues to amaze me. Why arent other companies building cars this good? This thing came out in 1988! trickle down doesnt work I guess :)

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