2012 season under way!

Jan 2, 2012 update on spydrb8's 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Well, the 2012 racing season is now under way! First event of the year was new years day, double points too.

Had a bit of a panic moment a couple days before the race when the alternator failed while i was out on a test drive. Got back home in time, and luckily I had a spare high amp alternator on the shelf, but this isn’t what you want to see a day before the race.


Had a mixed field with regulars and non regulars, and I think I managed 3rd on the old slicks. It was sunny but only about 55 (13C) degrees with a good breeze going, and despite 8 back to back runs the tires only got up to about 85-90 (29-32C). Grip was hard to find in the bug and I was sliding around a lot looking for it.




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