Autox #3 2-26-12

Feb 27, 2012 update on spydrb8's 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle

I finished up another race weekend but this time on the new race rubber. The new tires are Hankook Z214 C71 Soft, 245/40-17 and 275/40-17. This was the first scrub so I wasn’t expecting ultimate grip but there was still a 2-3 sec improvement! I was probably more reserved than I needed to be and I wasn’t fully trusting the tires yet, so I’m sure I left some time out there. I managed 45.25 with wastegate issues and it probably could have been a high 44 without having to back out of it twice. Still I took 1st in class by 1.5 sec or more and moved up the overall standings quite a bit. My co-driver took 3rd I think and he’s making the 2nd place flyin’ miata earn it now


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